Insulation & Radiant Barrier


Property owner called to receive estimate at Stereo Live, 6400 Richmond Ave. Extreme heat issues needed to be addressed.


The Insulation Guru gave an estimate after 2 hour inspection as well as multiple trips back to experience heat before and during business hours. Bid was accepted. Work started Thursday May 24th. 2012. Install R-30 above the ceiling area, installation of new ceiling, complete weatherization, and target radiant barrier installation.


Cooling down structure as well as isolating conditioned area from heat zones above helps keep customers cooler which means increase in visits and better venue reviews.

Rotech Subsea Shipping Containers Get Ceramic Insulation


Rotech Subsea, an International company in northwest Houston, called to get quotes for insulating shipping containers that were being converted into small offices and workshops. Rotech Subsea wanted an insulation solution that did not subtract from the internal working space of the containers but would yield the desired safety, temperature and sound control levels at the same time.


Christopher Burke, The Insulation Guru, arrived at Rotech Subsea and assessed the situation with the containers. Explaining that applying ceramic insulation would help with the interior temperature as well as deaden the sound vibrations that were common with these types of hybrid offices. Chris also explained that unlike foam and batt insulation, ceramic insulation was sprayed on in mill thickness rather than 3 to 9 inches of materials. The Insulation Guru  left a quote to do the containers which was later accepted.


Ceramic insulation can be applied to almost any substrate. The temperature drop per container was greater than if traditional insulation was used. There was no down time so the containers were ready to ship within hours. The ceramic insulation was applied at 40 to 60 mills thick so there was no significant internal space absorbed. The internal vibrations and noise levels were also greatly reduced; yielding a safer job site.  The containers were energy efficient and maintained a clean and professional look.

Ceramic insulation spray in shipping container converted into office. Being shipped to China. Houston, Texas 2009.
Ceramic insulation spray in shipping container converted into office. Being shipped to China. Houston, Texas 2009.23-Feb-2010 22:58, 10.0M 3X digital camera DigitalCam, 2.883, 7.942mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100

Moody Brother’s Warehouse


An excess of heat was building up in the Moody Brother’s warehouse causing uncomfortable working conditions for the workers on the ground level. In Texas, the comfort of your staff is paramount to running an efficient business.


The insulation Guru installed MBI ridge vents with dampers in the ceiling of Moody Brother’s warehouse. These dampers opened and closed by way of a chain cord operated at the ground level.


Workers could easily and safely open and close the dampers which allowed the excess heat to escape through the rooftop before working conditions became unbearable. The ability to control the warehouse temperature through these dampers created a much more efficient, safe and humane working environment.

Veteran’s Affairs Hospital, Houston


The insulation Guru was called to the VA Hospital off Holcomb in Houston, Texas to bid an underground parking ceiling project for insulation.


The Insulation Guru matched the insulated material with Firestop TB™. Applied with a duel blower and glue machine to the underside of the structure at 20’ high. The Insulation Guru completed the job after hours to comply with the Hospitals directive.


This is one of the many commercial projects that Chris Burke (The Insulation Guru) has been a part of over the years.

Call today for a free quote, 832-589-3499.

Blown-in Insulation for Express Oil Change


Builder called to get quote on new construction insulation project in Spring, Texas. This was a 3600 square foot Express Oil Change building.  Discussed with builder best time to come give estimate.


Arrived at site and assessed the situation. Gave quote for an R-38 of L-77 insulation (Blown In) as well as full weatherization in the attic area over offices and work stations.

Quote was accepted and work was performed. After completing the project, The Insulation Guru is now a regular bidder for future projects.


Having the insulation overhead in the attic area helped keep the cool in the areas below as well as keeping the heat transfer from entering the conditioned area.  Added weatherization in the attic (Foaming in penetrations that were found that lead to conditioned space below) helped seal off the area and promote a healthier environment.

Another Happy Customer


Call came in to give estimate on home for radiant barrier and insulation.


Prior to arriving, The Insulation Guru conducted an hcad, Zillow, and complete check-up of the house.

Went to customers house and did a full energy efficiency evaluation. Took temperature readings in the attic on the roof decking, checked levels of insulation, checked the penetrations in the headers that lead to the conditioned space below as well as soffit and chase areas.

Sat down with homeowner and went over all the options and explained them in detail.

Homeowner called us back and accepted the proposal. The Insulation Guru installed a radiant barrier, R-38, complete free weatherization, added a double-sided aluminum radiant barrier over the A/C unit and junction boxes at no additional charge.


After a doing a one week check up Ron J. explained to me that the house was cooler and that he had adjusted the thermostat. Referred The insulation Guru to some of his neighbors (view testimonials).

Helpful Tools and Financial Assistance

The Insulation Guru knows that an educated customer is a good customer. That’s why we offer the following information to help you appreciate the insulation industry and government assistance programs. We’ll be adding new material and insulation tips and tricks to this post as it becomes available. If you’re unclear about something, or would simply like more information on a topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Recommended Insulation Levels for Existing Wood Frame Homes

Recommended Insulation Levels (R-Map)Your geographic location has a lot to do with the amount of insulation your home needs to run efficiently. To learn more about the recommended levels for Houston and surrounding cities, click here.

Beating the Heat in Fulshear, Texas


Fulshear, Texas homeowner called The Insulation Guru with complaints of extreme heat and discomfort. We discussed a convenient date and time to conduct our free in-home energy efficiency evaluation.


The Insulation Guru arrived at customer’s home (on time) and did a free in-home energy efficiency evaluation of attic and sub floor. We also did a walk-through of house and looked at exterior to check all windows and doors. We took temperature readings of attic at 3p.m. which yielded readings of 139° to 160° on the underside of the attic roof decking.

Bid was accepted. The Insulation Guru applied a double-sided Low-E radiant barrier to the underside of roof decking, cleaned soffit vents, added ventilation, upgraded insulation to an R-38 and free weatherization. Same area reading at 3pm temperature readings dropped by over 30°.


Customer said she turned off the A/C in the evening because the home was actually cold and the  A/C had reached the desired temperature faster. Air coming out of register box was colder. Less A/C run time. Actually cycled properly. Cleaner and more efficient. The Insulation Guru is proud of the customer’s testimonial (read here).