Commercial Project photos

(MBI) Metal Building Insulation

Reinforced vinyl as well as double sided aluminum with an R-valued foam core for almost any substrate can be applied over drop-down ceilings, under panel, under roof decking. Vinyls come in multiple colors and R-values. MBI solutions greatly lowers the temperature entering the building or structure which results in lowering utility bills as well as added comfort. The Insulation Guru has recently added the Polynum radiant barrier products. Polynum super, polynum ultra and polynum multi are aluminum double sided strong radiant barriers that greatly reduce the transfer of heat into your home or building. With a hybrid clip system and a guarantee on all labor and materials we are paving the way to innovative solutions.

Sound Proofing

Sound proofing for walls, ceilings and sub-floors. The Insulation Guru uses Owens Corning, Quiet Zone® 700 series sound proofing, drill and fill, bib systems, polynum multi and polyurethane foaming.

We also offer vibration control with Mascoat Sound Control dB. When you need to eliminate the noise danger caused by resonating metal you can count on Mascoat Sound Control dB. Eliminating and reducing the vibrations on the job site makes for a safer work place. Sound Control dB coating also significantly reduces (CUI) corrosion under insulation.

The Insulation Guru offers a variety of sound proofing applications and systems to fit your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Ceramic Insulation

Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC is a proven insulation solution for commercial and industrial properties worldwide. WeatherBloc-IC contains high-quality ceramic and silica particles encased in a high grade latex emulsion. The result is a sprayed on insulating coating that reduces radiative and conducted heat to produce dramatic temperature differentials. Mascoat ceramic products can be applied to most substrates.

At 40 to 60 mils thick it is the perfect insulation material to obtain extra space while keeping the substrate and conditioned areas cool.

Traditional Batt insulation

Always installed to energy star standards. The insulation Guru will cut to fit around all pipes, electrical boxes, foam all penetrations, split insulation for pipes and wires.

Cold Storage Panels

Foam cored panels with inner locking systems for a tight fit. All joints sealed with tracking systems. The Insulation Guru can handle small and large projects.

Firestop TB™

Sprayed on most substrates. A true thermal barrier. This product can be sprayed over a foam insulation job as a fire blocker and  thermal barrier.


The Insulation Guru offers many options to vent and cool down your commercial property.

We can provide commercial ventilation solutions for warehouses, buildings, offices, hangers, garages…almost any structure. From MBI ridge vents, solar fans, electric fans for upper and lower areas, custom gable vents.

Adding metal building ridge vents with and without dampers and bird screens, exhaust fans, turbines, air hawks, gable and soffit vents. The Insulation Guru can submit a plan to fit your ventilation needs.


The Insulation Guru also insulates, Ice cream trucks, wine cellars and closets, boxes, pipes, cold storage facilities, engine rooms, garages, trailers, box trucks, shipping containers and much much more.