Beating the Heat in Fulshear, Texas


Fulshear, Texas homeowner called The Insulation Guru with complaints of extreme heat and discomfort. We discussed a convenient date and time to conduct our free in-home energy efficiency evaluation.


The Insulation Guru arrived at customer’s home (on time) and did a free in-home energy efficiency evaluation of attic and sub floor. We also did a walk-through of house and looked at exterior to check all windows and doors. We took temperature readings of attic at 3p.m. which yielded readings of 139° to 160° on the underside of the attic roof decking.

Bid was accepted. The Insulation Guru applied a double-sided Low-E radiant barrier to the underside of roof decking, cleaned soffit vents, added ventilation, upgraded insulation to an R-38 and free weatherization. Same area reading at 3pm temperature readings dropped by over 30°.


Customer said she turned off the A/C in the evening because the home was actually cold and the  A/C had reached the desired temperature faster. Air coming out of register box was colder. Less A/C run time. Actually cycled properly. Cleaner and more efficient. The Insulation Guru is proud of the customer’s testimonial (read here).

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